Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Am I?

I know it's been forever and then some since the last time I blogged, but after much delay, I decided to share my creativity. This is one of the MANY things occupying my mind and time since the last blog.

Some at our house thought this was a "crappy" idea, but we did it anyway. ;)


Cluffers said...

I am impressed that you actually blogged. A miracle has happened! It turned out cute. I think those Valentines will look great in the crap shoot. I wanted to see what it looked like inside the box. What you do for your kids.

The Calico Crew said... this is for Valentines Day? I was thinking, "What the Crap?" but looking at Kandice's comment I get it now. I was sad when Payton came home with a note saying they had valentine bags for all the kids so just bring a valentine for all his classmates. Now I'm thinking I'm glad we didn't have to make a box (or an out house for that matter) because we ended up doing home-made valentines (that turned out cute by the way and Payton did most of the work--he really liked using the Criket!) Welcome back to the blogging world even though I know it will be short lived.

Tiffani said...

If I knew that you were making such spectacular valentine boxes at your house, I would have put in the kids' order in January. Put me on the list for next year huh!